Thursday, 30 May 2013

Plastic purge

After watching Plastic Planet I decided to up the ante:
Plastic casualties from my kitchen and bathroom.

My new look pantry.


  1. Are those lids (looking at you, peanut butter jar) not lined with plastic? :-)

  2. I can see you are going to keep me on my toes Hannah; make sure I don't fall off the wagon (I might need a coach and therapist, so be prepared!). Yes I believe they are BUT I did buy the peanut butter before July 1st so I'm safe there. I can reuse the jar according to my rules too. You guys going to do Plastic Free July?

    1. Haha, just asking questions, not trying to push you off your wagon... and yeah true, now you can keep the jar and take it to bin inn where you can make your own peanut butter entirely plastic free :)

      Yeah I'm thinking about it, at least for a short while anyway!