Friday, 7 June 2013

The joke's on me

I sent two lots of Oil of Olay plastic packaging back to the manufacturer in Australia with a letter suggesting they consider repackaging their products in a more environmentally manner. 

In return I got a stock reply expressing their concern at my concern, and reparation in the form of not one, but THREE plastic gift cards. I'm not sure if the irony is intentional, but you have to laugh.


  1. Haha - I hope they don't expire before your year is up!

    Totally admiring what you are doing.

    I was wondering today, when I used the last 3 of my stored plastic supermarket bags, what to use instead to deliver the 200 odd strawberry plants I have dug out of my garden and am giving away to various people. The down side of reducing plastic usage.

    1. Hi Cally, I reckon newspaper would do it. Come down to the library and I'll give you some. You could use string to secure the sides of the newspaper. Sounds labour intensive I know, but I suppose most things were before we used plastic.
      If you then need something to transport them in, cut a box to size like Daffy does up at Bow St Gallery. I think we have a few boxes at the library too...
      Yes, often not using plastic can make things much more inconvenient. It's an amazing product, there's no denying it.

  2. Hi Merryn,
    I'm participating in Plastic Free July but getting ready early :)
    I was wondering what you do for cheese? I think I can buy almost everything without plastic but cheese is the one I am struggling with...Any tips?

    1. Hi Marian, yes cheese is not an easy one. Short of making it yourself, the pricier way to do it is to buy from a deli. When they cut the cheese for you, ask to have it wrapped in paper. You could also get waxed cheese this way.
      HOWEVER, there is a cheaper alternative, but it is a compromise. Philadelphia cream cheese (block) is wrapped in foil inside the cardboard. I have written to the company and they assure me there is no plastic in the packaging. It's not quite the same as hard cheese, but I've been experimenting with it in cooking and it is delicious in cheese sauce, mixed through pasta sauce, in risottos, and of course in sandwiches.
      Good luck with the challenge! Sounds like you're well prepared.

  3. Doesn't sound like they've actually read your letter, does it? Maybe if they get a few more letters along those lines.... nah I guess a bit more than that is needed for things to change.

    1. Yeah a whole campaign would be needed; letter bomb them.

      If I was completely virtuous and earnest I would have sent the cards back with a suggestion they reread my letter. But it was $30, so I may or may not have...