Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Plastic free discoveries

My year of being plastic free taught me to be pretty resourceful. Here are some simple discoveries I made purely through not being able to purchase the products I needed:
I bought salt in bulk and used it as weed killer for areas
that were hard to weed by hand, like between the cobble
stones on my driveway. It worked a treat and is of course
is not just plastic free, but chemical free, which is particularly
important when your garden revolves around food production.

The previous owner of my house thought pitted linoleum
was a good idea. Makes the floor a bugger to clean though
even with a scrubbing brush. I covered the floor in baking
soda (which is very cheap to buy in bulk) and added water
to make a paste, left it for a couple of hours then cleaned
it up. The result was a sparkling floor!
I bike a lot lot - for commuting and for recreation. I ran out
of lube and started using good old cooking oil. Works just
as well as the specialised stuff AND is free from the synthetic
additives they put in cycle lube.


  1. I agree with you, and have admit I have become quite addicted to baking soda and it's variety of uses. However, I have to disagree on one point: salt is sodium chloride which is a chemical as is baking soda which is sodium bicarbonate. Ok, use salt on weeds between your cobblestones if you want (personally I just let them grow, then chop them off with the spade if they get overwhelming, but neat and tidy is one thing no-one has ever accused me of!) but be careful where you use it - it will kill other plants too, not just weeds, and isn't great for the soil. Just because these chemicals have familiar names doesn't alter the fact that they are indeed chemicals which have both beneficial and negative properties with respect to animals / humans, plants, soil, microbes etc.

    1. Hi Cally, thanks for that. You make some pertinent points and of course these materials should be carefully used in the garden.

  2. Could you please post more of these plastic free discoveries, I find these tips really helpful in living a plastic free life.

    1. Hi Sage, I will try to post more as they crop up. Thanks for the interest and the encouragement! :)