Sunday, 21 September 2014

The magical edible weed

PLANTAIN - grows in your lawn and tastes like
mushroom. Yum!
Last night I had guests coming over for dinner, but when I went to my garden to get lettuce for the salad I found it was on the point of going to seed and was quite bitter.
However, my selective weeding saved me - I do tend to ignore a lot of the young edible weeds if I can help it.
Here's what I made a delicious and very nutritious (most edible weeds are packed with vitamins and minerals) out of. They are all common weeds:
OXALIS - the wonder weed as it's very hard to get rid of.
Its tiny bulbs break off when you pull it. I've learned to
embrace it. Tastes lemony.
PUHA or Sow Thistle. Only eat the young leaves as the
older ones can be bitter. Very good for you. Try turning
it into pesto.
ONIONWEED - tastes exactly like its name.
I use this a lot usually instead of chives.
CHICKWEED - has a refreshing, slightly earthy taste.
I use it insandwiches a lot. Makes a good pesto.

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